Different Stages involved in software development

Building a software application is no child’s play. It calls for meticulous planning and razor sharp execution of the plans constantly taking into account the changes and their impact on the end product as well as the timelines. Software Development is a common jargon used in the IT space. While developing software as a product there is a lot at stake both for the customers as well as their customers. The software application that would be developed has to meet the requirements of the customer while being compatible with an array of devices and environments. The end product has to meet tough quality requirements to ensure that there is no break down once it is installed in the customer’s environment.

it magination

The need is to have a comprehensive methodology that covers all aspects in the process of building a software application, right from the planning stage till the last step. The industry calls this an SDLC (short for software development life cycle).  There are quite a lot of industry-specific best practices that help you follow a systematic approach in developing the product as per the customer’s expectation while ensuring both quality and reliability under different circumstances. Add to this the numerous customization options that the customers need – www.itmagination.com has an answer to all these. Common methodologies used in software development include prototyping, waterfall, iterative and incremental development, rapid application development, spiral development, extreme programming, and various other types of agile methodology.

it magination is one such organization that follows a disciplined approach towards software development. IT magination employs these best practices to make sure that there are no loose ends in the end product. With the use of state of the art processes and tools, one can be absolutely confident on the outcome of the product that goes through the software development cycle at IT magination.